I dunno, flowlab be kinda sus tho

When is someone gonna be making an Among Us clone? Probably be difficult but hey it’ll be a nice challenge!

If you say no that’s kinda sus


remind me why I made this thread?

Flowlab acting sus,let’s vote out Flowlab.Flowlabs prob the impostor.

was in admin…

I saw @spencertheball kill purple in med bay, lol.

OBJECTION! I was in admin the whole time! In fact, I believe I saw YOU in medbay, along with the victim!

Wait, is this topic just gonna be about role playing Among Us. I mean, i’m not complaining.

I’ve seen people make Mario clones, Sonic clones, and I myself tried to replicate Minicraft in the past (it didn’t turn out well so I gave up). I think an Among Us clone is possible, but difficult (especially with the chat functions, since not all of us have discord). As to who is going to try it, the only answer that I have is that it will not be me.

Idk lol, wonder how this will happen

We could have a discussion (topic now) of an among us game while we also play the game. But usually multiplayer games are laggy and I can’t imagen ten people on the same game. Like -5 frames per second, lol.

that’s true, but we can always lower the player count by ejecting

Although, I was planning on making a murder mystery game but there will be a sheriff in it, and maybe even a voting off feature, although the voting feature is what makes Among Us stand out beyond other murder mystery games.

On the topic of bean shaped characters, what about fall guys? Just make the enemies AI and we good

I dunno you do be looking kinda sus tho GalaxianGames

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@glithctyrus why is my name in red color.

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I saw Flowlab vent!m!!!

how do I vent like @ManiacPumpkin did

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@spencertheball vote @ManiacPumpkin

I saw @spencertheball take a dump on the admin panel and then steal green’s turkey sandwich, not cool! :triumph: :rage:

I seriously have no idea where this topic is going…

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