I feel stupid, im a stupid stupid man xD

I cant find a way to change my profile picture, i need help

Click on this link: https://flowlab.io/users/profile

Upload your profile picture or icon.
Then log out on both the forums and the website and log back in.
Then it should appear.

Thank you, how do you like it?

That looks really intimidating and cool.

Edit: really matches your name!

@The_Undying - It looks really good!

ur not dumb, dont put yourself down for somthing you didnt know! we all have a first time for everything, and asking questions helps you learn :muscle:


I updated mine, but it didnt work

i tried again, but still not

oh wait, it did. (20)

thank you im glad it works


Bobux(how are you today)

I am Great! i had decent progress on my game! Check it out- https://flowlab.io/game/play/1509667.

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