I figured it out!

I just realized what has been going on. So I’ve been using the Safari browser almost my whole life and I’ve been experiencing some difficulties with game loading and sound. Some of you may have heard or known of some of my complaints and this was kind of a big deal for me since most of my games never had good sound to them, but then I realized that it must be the browser. I just switched over to firefox and boy am I happy. I can finally hear all of the sounds and I can play bigger games without too much issue. YAY!


Do you not know google chrome?

It’s really good


Well, I don’t use chrome much cause I heard of rumors. Plus I used to use it for school and it never was the greatest (at least for me) that’s the reason why i kinda switched permanently to Safari, but I guess any other browser is better than Safari at this point.
I used Microsoft edge once and I’ll never use it again, lol.

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I use Google Chrome for just about everything, and I usually use Microsoft Edge to test my multiplayer games. For both browsers, they have worked just fine for me.

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It might have been just the school wifi messing with chrome. I only ever used it at school so it kinda stunk for me. Maybe it was just the school wifi or website blocker that kept messing it up. I haven’t really used it much. The only reason I started using FireFox is that it has a free website guard so it blocks any trackers or site-crossing cookies on websites. It says it already blocked 20 and I’ve only even been on flowlab, lol. And the other reason was that I could go to a website called greasy fork (or tampermonkey I can’t remember) and get mods for it games. (Totally not hacks)

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Yeah Firefox is the best browser i know except for operaGX which i won’t say much about because that would be advertising it, if I’m even spelling it right.