I found a way for grazer to add comments to Flowlab

This has been a long-requested feature if I remember correctly. Now I have finally found some sort of plugin that grazer could add to Flowlab to enable comments!
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@grazer would this thing work?


Just need some sort of way to monitor what people say (so they don’t say something bad). On the forums we have a lot of members to report something, but with 2 million games on flowlab it would be hard to monitor it


Maybe it might work.

The thing is that comment sections in games used to exist, but not many people besides trolls used it. And moderation would be difficult given how many games exist out there (as CodeAlpaca already explained).

A first yet small step to adding a comment section in the games would be to add a filter so that inappropriate language gets censored or deleted. Just one that is not extremely strict like in ROBLOX (apparently, a misspelled word or an emoticon is enough for the system to censor you, that’s why I don’t speak over there).

I also think users should have an option on whether or not they want to have a comment section on their games in case they want to avoid any sort of toxicity.


Numbers, too

and yet you can still use special symbols like @ and $ to swear :man_facepalming:


For some reason Roblox actually eased up on censorship and you can now say lgbtq+ terms without it getting tagged. That I know of.
When I was on there, I noticed that a lot more words were being used than I remember seeing so I think it might be the way how the new generation is, I’m not sure. But let’s just say that I don’t necessarily agree with any of it.

Anyway a comment system would be pretty cool and I think there should be an option to turn it off or on on your game. Maybe it could appear below your game’s description or something.

Also would this enable like a filter or some sort of way to sort the messages? Cause really popular games such as those that were featured would probably get a ton of comments and you probably couldn’t look through all of them.
Then you would also have to deal with bots and all kinds of stuff like that. So a comment system sounds a little like a hassle, which is probably why it hasn’t been implemented yet, but I can see it becoming something in the future.


Yeah this