i have a few questions on how to make.

  1. how do you make cpus for a top down racing game like mines: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1398248
  2. how do you make random item boxes that you can use temporarily.
  3. how do you make CPUs be able to use those items against each other or you.

plz help…

  1. would you like me to explain

  2. would you like me to show a screenshot

  3. would you like me to make an example


3 plz

@seamothmaster45 3 plz

oh no…

I’m not sure when I will get it done but it will probably be a couple of days before I can make it

thats fine @seamothmaster45

CPUs? = computer controlled cars?
If so, the AI part of it normally splits into 3 steps:

  • sense
  • think
  • act

I would line the all edges of the track with objects, like the orange one you already have. Or do you allow them to leave the track?

  • sense
    Then I would use the proximity sensor and/or raycast to figure out where I am. Am I close to the left, am I close to the right, am I close to other drivers.
    (and, am i still on the track in case they are allowed to leave)

  • think
    Now you have to react accordingly. Nothing there, I can speed up? Object on the left, steer right, object on the right, steer left.
    Object in front, slow down, maybe back up

  • act
    Apply the new speed, direction, etc.

If this is what you were looking for in the first place? LOL :slight_smile:

Otherwise, hats up to @seamothmaster45 , that is quite the task doing an example for this, nearly the complete game.

yeah @XXD3G how do you want them to act?

i want it so they dont go off the track @seamothmaster45

but do you want them to actually move around on the track even if it is strait?

yes @seamothmaster45

@TinkerSmith could u be more specific but thanks!

i already know how to make first place, second place, third place, etc

@XXD3G , actually, if you don’t mind me saying so, you have to be more specific.

Here what I suggest. Take a piece of paper for each object in you game.
Now list everything the object should do.
The ‘sense-think-act’ steps I mentioned could be a good guideline.

That helps to split it up into smaller programming tasks.

Once you listed everything do some ‘paper coding’, as in try to figure out what blocks to use and how to connect them.
The Flowlab reference helps a lot. Also check out all the examples @“JR 01” published.

Then try to assemble it all in Flowlab. Now if you run into problems you come back and ask :slight_smile:
Then at least you will have more specific details about what you need and try to do.

Otherwise you basically asking @seamothmaster45 to write a whole game for you without knowing what you imagine.

Also, you can google: simple car game AI. There are lots of examples in other programming languages, the easiest ones I have seen are probably the Scratch ones.

And if you think that is a lot of work … DRUMROLL … welcome to the world of game development :wink:

Thank You, @TinkerSmith, i understand completely!


soo are you going to explain?

explain what? @seamothmaster45