I have a proposition

i would like to do a collaboration game with a few people… anyone interested?
(i don’t have indie so i cant create the game myself… indie player please accept or else i cant do this! XD)

I’ll make the team .-.

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alr we’ll see


Game Name?

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that is the beauty of this idea… there isnt one yet. it is a complete collab so the ideas come from everyone in the collab

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Oh yeah, you didn’t accept the invite to the team

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sorry my connection broke down when i pressed the button

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i have really bad wifi

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please resend

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hello? resend? i havent received anymore invites

Oh I did. Lemme try again

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i have pressed the holy button

yup that changed

I have added in the game, go add stuff, I have my own game to. (I will work on the game also but not now)

I could join, my game has like, 100-150 plays and stuff, I’m an indie.

Can i join???

sure guys deadly smile isnt on right now and i cant invite you yet but ill put you onto our message chat for now and tell deadly smile about you guys

there we go @dwgamemaster @thejeffdude you are invited

ok, that just means ur head is bigger:) lol

Edit: that was mean’t for a roast