I have a question I want answered

Example: If i was on a team that was DEAD and I wanted someone to make another team and invite me, would they be able to see the other teams game?

no wait i think we need @grazer but i say No N.O NO N.O

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I think that, unless that person that invited you is also part of your dead team, they wouldn’t be able to see your team game IF it is unlisted.

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Unlisted? what does that mean?

That means that people won’t be able to see or play the game unless you gave them a link to it.

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So the question is, if they DID have the link would they be able to edit it?

No, unless they are a member of the dead team.

sadly, my team leader hasnt been on for a MONTH!

Is it possible to invite if you are not team leader?

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Nope, not possible. I just tried it with a team I am on, and you need to be the team leader to invite others.

So in other words, I am screwed…