I have a question!

Is there a block that can make an object not solid?

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You can disable the object using the enable behavior, which will disable the object’s physics behavior. That means no gravity, no movement, and non-solid. Other behaviors will still work.

If the object has already had its physics set to being non-solid, disabling it and enabling it will not make the object solid.

other than enabled pmbAL20C

Then no, no other behavior besides Enable can disable an object’s solidity. You can change its bounce, friction, and density using the material behavior, but it will not disable solidity.

oh… ok.
can you ake an object teleport?

You can if you use the Position behavior. You can input certain numerical values to change an object’s current position, making a teleportation effect.
This discussion shows what you will need to do: Teleporters how to make?