I have a review YT series!

I have a flowlab game review series (2 episodes)

You can ask if you want your game to be a episode

Sounds great! Post the link so we can watch it :smiley:

Ok let me find it…

Sorry episode one is where i review my own game i figured i shouldn’t do that but anyways heres the link!

I have no subcribers i would be happy if you did! :smiley:

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in the first episode i see the code i will now be seeing the code last

Suggestion for improvement; Use a voice, or edit in some words on screen. People find it boring to watch you try type for 2 minutes.


Welp i guess i can’t make an idea and keep it

I would be honored if you made an episode off of DoM @8-bit_Studio!

It’s a good thing that people see you’re idea and are inspired to do the same.


You won 3 Flowjams?


I was going to do something similar but play the game and give some decent feed backs and advice and have a rating from @ManiacPumpkin because he cool like dat

ok i i’ll do my voice or edit XD i dunno what to do rn

Episode 2 will be Ramshacklegamestudios game: DoM!!!

just talk about what you like about the game, and what you think should be improved… pretty much just say what you would write as you play

theres a editer so im editing rn

That’s right! :slight_smile: I participated in 4 and won 3.
If I’m not mistaken.

Hey! the video is processing get ready to watch!!! :smiley:

Here it is people (and improved!!)

The zombies sure do love having spasms.