I have an idea for a game

I don’t want to make a game like this if nobody wants to play it.
Idea: Biologist Game

Reply with “Y” if you do, “N” if you don’t (not doing a poll since they don’t give notifications)


Who would want to play “Science Class: The Game”?

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Well if you can make a world with some wacky animals and plants then it could be great.
Or just something going into the world of living things would be cool.
The gameplay would be the tricky part.

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I’m not sure, It really depends what you mean by biologist game. you could do a lot of interesting things with a game about biology, but It could also be a bit boring depending on what you do with it.

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Y Sounds cool in my oppinion :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking of a platformer with different biomes and you study animals and save animals (fish and insects too) and maybe even do studies on plants. You’d have some kind of lab where you receive what experiments or studies you must do and you complete it. I haven’t thought fully about it yet because I was waiting for people replies on this.

I’d play it :3


2 Yeses, 1 No, 1 Maybe

I’ll take one more vote.

Y That sounds interesting! would love to see the bestiary >w>

3 Y, 1 N, 1 M

Alright, I’ll make the game. (I started making it yesterday lol)
It’s called, The Bio-Lab, think like an animal to study an animal.

At the same time, it might just be a game I use to test mechanics. I want to climb trees, fly on a glider, and swim (which I already have)