I have an idea @grazer

Why not merge Indie and Free together @grazer ?

Just place banner ads around the site to make up for it, 10$ ain’t THAT much anyway!

Or, if free STILL needs to exist after that: Still place the ads but make it so free people get unlimited objects! You could also make it so people who pay for Indie or higher get 0 ads!

I think most of us here would rather have an ad here and there, then to pay up.

And lastly, to be blunt, you’d probably make more money off the people who see/click ads then the like 10% of Flowlab users who buy a membership!

I also have one final idea: How about a NEW membership: Where if you pay some absurd amount of money: You get a lifetime membership which grants everything!

Thanks for reading my ideas! ~Crigence

Hey Cringence, I’ve considered putting ads on the site, but I’ve always resisted because I hate ads. I know I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll try them out one day, but they really don’t pay as much as you might think.

Thanks for the ideas, I’m always open to hearing new ones!

Yeah, I would rather have to pay than to deal with ads tbh

Id deal with ads, if that meant infinite items/levels!

That would be pointless, everybody and their grandmother uses Adblock these days. If he built ads into the editor itself, that would be intrusive, and people would want to stop using it. You are right, though. $59 a year is less than $5 a month, which is $1.25 a week. It really isn’t that much. A lot of game developers sites go up to $1,000 or more a year. Don’t believe me? Check out Gamemaker Studio. It goes way above $1,000 a year. Flowlab is the cheapest game engine out there.

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If you put in adds and gave free more privileges less people would pay for premium because there would be much less to gain, and people would complain about adds!!

I think it would be a better use of grazers time to instead continue improving the site, adding features, and trying to make it more widespread. He’s doing a great job as it is so I would love to see even more!

Ads are way too annoying, so I am not sure if ads should be added all over the site.

I dont mind ads, but if it came to having ads and 10$ indie, then 60$ Indie, Id choose 60$ indie.

I dont care about the ads as long as there not every where. But I would like to export games for free?