I have an idea... i think

so basically i was making a game and found out that i put one of my sprites with a huge code in game world instead of interface, so for the convenience of people, what if we had an option in the same screen with ‘clone’ ‘delete’ and ‘edit’ called ’ transfer’ which allows you to transfer sprites from user interface/ gameworld to gameworld/user interface. (i understand the what you can do with backgrounds are very limited, so maybe you shouldnt have the option to transfer to background)

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that might mess up the behaviors because there are some behaviors that are only available for game world. and interface removes some behavior blocks.

yes, i know that too, so the blocks also can be removed when transferred, but before that, the website can notify you that some blocks will be deleted, and list which blocks will be deleted

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Just pack all the code into a single bundle, then copy/paste it into your other object. Specific layer blocks should be auto deleted.

ik but it will be more convenient