I have been using flowlab for a while but i still have some questions

1st one is what is phyisics drag for? 2nd is where is the full screen behavior and is it for indie only? if so are there more behaviors like it, if not where do i find them? the next one is how to make a save behavior save everything? if you know how i would like a link or a screen shot at the very least, thank you for taking the time to read all of this.

  1. Drag is basically friction in the air, so if I had to guess, physics drag is probably a universal friction system on all moving objects when they are in the air.
  2. The full-screen behavior is for paid subscribers only. So if you don’t have indie, education, or studio, you can’t get this behavior.
  3. A save state behavior is planned, but we are not sure when it will come out.
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well if anyone figures out a certain combination of behaviors that match something equal to saving everything let me know, also is there any other unique behaviors that are made for paid subscribers?

Only way to save everything is to make a save behavior for every number behavior that you use.
Save state has been highly requested, so expect to have that behavior next year.

Only other behaviors that paid users have is the multiplayer behaviors, these are more of beta features.

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when i make the object save does it save everything on that object or just the specific value?

Just the value that does into the “save” input. For example, if a 2 goes in, any attempt to read the save will output a 2.

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