I have more questions

Ok, so it’s been a long time since I used flowlab, and I noticed some things have been removed. first of all, there is no collision variable. second of all, there is no proximity variable.
That’s all.

I think they have been moved to different categories. I know proximity was moved, but I don’t know about collisions, so it must have been very recent.

I checked all the categorys they’ve been removed entirely

I don’t know then. Maybe a bug or grazer is updating the editor layout or something. They usually are always there.
Maybe just try copy and pasting existing code to get new ones if you can’t get them from the side bar.

Oke (20 character limit)

Im so mad at myself I made my entire game in interface

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Lol. I’ve accidentally don’t that before. You have to switch all of the art and code to the game layer and it’s no fun.

Collision is still here

Proximity is here

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Yeah we already figured it out when he realized he was in the UI layer the whole time, lol.

Oh that’s what they meant, I thought they just changed the subject.

Yeah, lol. I see where you could get that.