I have to go...

So, I’ve been looking around on the web lately and started taking coding classes. With my new knowledge I’m moving on to make full fledged 3D games. Which means I’m leaving Flowlab. I won’t take my account down so that people and still play my games but I wanted to put it out there. I always loved this community, but it’s about time I say goodbye. <3

Hey @browngr - I’m happy to hear that you’re expanding into other types of game development. Your Flowlab account will still be here if you decide to use it again in the future :slight_smile:

Good luck, and hope you create some amazing games!

I do indeed plan on coming back to this community at some point in 2019-2020, as I have plans to use my knowledge of 3D games and make something completely new to the Flowlab community. And as you can see, I decided to come and check it out one last time before I started my first 3D game. So, I will be checking in every once and a while to see progress on my games and on my conversations. But besides that, I’m gonna be off for a while. But thanks you @Grazer, because I do plan on coming back some day. Thank you for all the support you have shown as a community.

Okay, forget everything I’ve said, I’m back and I’m back strong. BUT, I’m still going to be spending other times on 3D gaming. I don’t know why I thought that if I’m going to make 3D games, I have to abandon 2D all together… /=|

Well, welcome back then :slight_smile: