I may not be coming back 😭

I have been using a school computer for my coding but, sadly flowlab has been blocked for a mis understanding, so you guys may not see me make updates in a long time. But that’s not stopping me from trying. If I’m not able to find a way to code. I wish you guys farewell, you have opened my eyes to what I’ve dreamed to be for a long time. If I do find a way. Then I will post a Update. Farewell and I hope to see you again. If this doesn’t work out, then find me on the place I’d never thought I would be coding on… Scratch, my username is “VaprzWolfGames” I think.

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ChatGPT’s list of ways to Flowlab again. If you really can’t come back, goodbye man. You and Noob will be missed.


If your friend’s school has blocked access to a website like Flowlab.io, it’s important to respect the school’s policies and guidelines. However, if there has been a misunderstanding and your friend believes that Flowlab.io should be accessible for educational purposes, there are a few steps they can take:

  1. Speak with the teacher or administrator: Your friend can start by discussing the issue with their teacher or a school administrator, explaining the educational value of Flowlab.io and how it can enhance their learning experience. Provide examples of how it can be used for coding and game development projects.

  2. Provide supporting materials: Your friend can gather relevant information about Flowlab.io, such as its educational benefits, testimonials from other schools or educators, and any case studies that highlight its positive impact on learning. These materials can help demonstrate the legitimacy of the website and its value as an educational tool.

  3. Seek alternative solutions: If the school remains hesitant about unblocking Flowlab.io, your friend can explore alternative options. They can look for other coding platforms that offer similar features and educational value, which may be accessible within the school’s network. Some alternatives include Scratch (scratch.mit.edu), Code.org, or Tynker.

  4. Use Flowlab.io outside of school: If all else fails, your friend can continue using Flowlab.io outside of school. They can work on their projects at home or any other location with internet access. Encourage them to pursue their coding interests independently, and perhaps even collaborate with other like-minded individuals outside of the school environment.

Remember, it’s important to respect the school’s policies and decisions. While it’s understandable to advocate for educational tools like Flowlab.io, the final decision lies with the school administration.

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Oh no I’m not a friend, im on my phone, it’s just that’s nearly impossible to code on a phone (Nokia c100 to be exact)

Either way thanks for the help, it’s just that schools over until 3 months, and they took our computers.

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I just say friend to to ChatGPT to make it easier for ChatGPT so that I don’t have to explain Flowlab or anything. No problem, happy to help. I have literally never seen or heard of a reasonable school blocking of Flowlab in my life.

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