I need a game idea (now vote for the game I will do )

Once I have 5 game ideas I will make a pole.

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Make it a jungle themed platformer with loads of traps to dodge and weave around.

What about a room escape?

ok thank you I will add it to a pole

Space invaders shooter

Rythm based game

Make your first multiplayer game or remake Impossible Zombie Run with quests and a menu screen. (If you’re up for a challenge)

  • Jungle game
  • room escape
  • space inverters
  • Rythm basted game
  • remake of Zombie run

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Room Escape it is (20 letters)

Whoa, that was my idea! Yay I won. (I wasn’t sure that would win.) I would love too see it when it’s done!

I will say when I have finished

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