I need a good name for my game

here I am keeping this link because it is the only thing keeping this game alive

nope don’t comment

better not comment

I have an idea. ‘Apocalypse Dunes’. How about it?

@seamothmaster45 Nooo! The Decimation of Mankind is an awesome name, which in my opinion you should not change. Not only is it a fantastic title in itself, but it also is linked to the original, first game and shows how the game series has evolved. Personally, I was a big fan of the original series and would be heartbroken to see a name change. IDK, it’s your choice, either way it kind of honours the originals…

Yeah the Dom name is traditional you should keep it

Don’t comment i don’t care what you think

Ooooooh… It was revived…



Make a DoM 2!

stop looking


@LippyDippy play the original series! DoM 1, 2 & 3 were amazing! Just search on flowlab.

@“The Kodex” he can’t…

he can play DoM 3 and that is it

Yeah, I just searched up DoM and only the new version and the (old) 3rd game popped up.

oh also DoM Maker (demo)

GUYS @Superstargames @“The Kodex” DoM 1 is saved! I clicked the link and it still played even tho I deleted it!
and @Superstargames it won’t come up if you search DoM I usually just type in The Dec

Wow, that is very good that DoM survived!
And yes, I know that. I searched it up with the full title (The Decimation of Mankind). I just said “I searched up DoM” because I didn’t want to type the entire name.

ahh I see