I need a good space shooter movement code help.grazer make me member pls UwU i want i talk more @Grazer

i’m trying to build a 2d space shooter

i have reach the maximum replies lulw thx manic pumpking

So what are you looking for, like a top-down movement or a different ai. I’m not entirely sure what exact movement or type of game you are using. Is the ship stationary but only moves left and right like in galaxian or just the opposite, the ship is stationary on the left side, but the ship only moves up and down.

Or just a normal top-down game that allows the ship too freely move throughout the entire screen, without gravity pulling it down.

2d i will send a link https://flowlab.io/game/view/1522610

By the art style, i’m guessing you want the ship to just simply move throughout the screen like a top down game, which I can help you with. Just give me a few secs.

Yeah I know a few, but I’ll have to make it later. I’m currently busy with school so when i get out I’ll try to make it.

did u get the movement code? sorry if this sounds rude

Yeah, i’m working on it, I’ll get back to you soon.

Use Velocity to Move, use 0 into velocity to stop moving.

ok thx…

Here is an example that I used for someone else, but you could copy the movement for it. If you want to bump up the speed, just add a 1 or -1 depending on the current number. I think their all set to 2 or -2, but just add another number or two to increase speed.