I need a way to make the character float for a bit and then fall like a cartoon pls help

Here is the link to the game :slight_smile:: Flowlab Game Creator - Meltdown

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Animations could work

I tried that it wasn’t enough

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Tnen after the flooting it eases smaller by useing size

is there no way to disable gravity for a bit?

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Change gravity for a different level ya but not for a minute

I might have an idea wait

Can I make something solid and then not solid?

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I think you use that with enabled I think?

I will try that now and then something else

Please try and educate yourself before giving out false information
@SuperPigBunny The Level Physics block (found in the Game Flow tab) can change the gravity value in a level. I’m pretty sure this can help with the effect you want


Oh I didn’t know :sweat_smile: I am bad at researching

I also found a way already. I used a timer and velocity on the block