I need game Ideas please

Ill take the first 5 ideas from this topic and I will turn them into a game

how about some magic/spells?

Um, an infinite running game, like the chrome dinosaur game.

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Flow-lab is also a grammar coach

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Wait, did it say that when you posted this, lol. I never had that issue before.

an (Street fighter) type game?

yes it did (202020202020)

Well, considering the three ideas so far, maybe an infinite running game, but instead of it being running, you just go to different levels such as street fighting but maybe with magic or something. So its like a how long can you survive or how many rounds can you survive. Just going off of what you said by taking the first five ideas into one game.

and rpg like legend of zelda

so maybe some random level generation with fighting and magic?

i have another great idea but i wanted to use it, its called Shadow Chronicles, where a hero has to save his village from shadows and go on different mission and defeat bosses, but near the end, you have to enter the dark tower where you have to make it to the tenth floor defeating shadows to beat the shadow queen Umbra

A tower defense game that you must protect waffle village from the evil forces of the spaghetti monsters that terrorize them with syrup cannons @edwardi

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That is a great Idea

Mine or XX’s edwardi?

yours (2020202020202020)

So are you going to use it?

Maybe you could use something (kinda like plant food from pvz 2) to power up your syrup cannons

yea imma use that Idea

Woo! Heck yeah!

Those spaghetti monsters will pay…deerly
download (40)

I got the infinate running to work

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no that was a differnt game Idea from above yours will take a while