I need help... again

So its basically like the other problem i had. I want the ball to go in both ways but when i press “E” it always goes to the right. so what i mean is i want the ball to go where the player is facing. And i also want to make the ball go up so it can go up in the hoop.


Have two collision blocks, one testing for collision on the right and one testing collision on the left. When it’s hit on the right, have a number put an angle of 0 into the emitter, and when it hits the left, have the angle to 180. This changes where it emits.

Took me long to reply but what i mean is when i press “E” instead of running into it to make it move the other way. And in my code i make the collision block pick up the ball and when i press “E” the player trows the ball but it only goes on the right.

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it works but i also want the ball to go up so it can go up in the hoop.

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you can change the numbers to change the angle that the ball is emitted at.
I’ll try to get the numbers for you.

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you might need to adjust the emit force a bit or make the player jump higher but this should fix the angle.

OK thank you so much.

(feels like people have to do everything for me)

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Eh, We all need help, I’m still learning and so is everyone else, if you need help feel free to ask.