I need help... Again...

So on FoodWars I am making 2 difficulties; Hard and easy. Hard has all of the enemies, and easy excludes fire. Yet I don’t have any idea how to do this… )’:


why not just remove fire from the easy level

Yeah, It’s not that hard. Just take the fire off.

/: I feel so dumb. Don’t judge, but I’m not an expert yet. What should I use to make the fire disappear? (Besides destroy, like what do I use to connect to destroy???)

Destroy the fire using an item: Collision > (Item that shoots out of the character) > Destroy
Get the item never on the level again: Just click the fire and press delete!

Okay, thanks! (:

Okay, I just sat there looking at that comment for a couple of seconds, I feel SO dumb, but now I’ve got it. Thanks guys! (: