I need help getting a block to spawn

so I need objects to spawn all around the character when I open a door but it’s not working

What type of spawn? Like you want objects to appear around the player for a short duration when opening a door? Or permanently?

If you want a non-solid object to spawn around the player when opening a door, you can use 4 emit behaviors, each with 0, 90, 180, and 270 as the angles so it spawns in each direction around the player.

For permanent, you can use the spawn behavior, but use the extractor to extract the players X and Y coordinates and plug it into the spawner.
This is a little more complicated since you need to have expressions to shift each spawner over so you can have them objects around the player.

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I need to make invis objects spawn all around the character for the duration of a cutscene.

I will send you my game link it should be below this sentence
Flowlab Game Creator - IDK

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