I need help making a boss battle :/

Hey guys i need help making a boss, what im trying to do is have him swing a weapon at the player when ever it gets close and i also need a better animation


game link? :))

here it is :slight_smile:

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can anyone help? it would be great if someone could

You could try making the ogre in different parts: one to walk around and look menacing, another to swing around the club, and, finally, one last invisible one to actually do damage to the player

how would i do that tho?? like how would i connect all the oger parts together in one?

That… I can’t help you with. I have no idea how you would do that.

You could try making n animation paired with a spawned object.

You could use the example (actually a test) of boss joints. Where you make limbs with holes at the end. And then one object with two pins that connect the limbs together acting like a real moving arm. I’m on phone or else I would show JR_01’s example.

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I will make a boss battle example as soon as I can.

Ok pls tell me when its done so i can check it out and use it :)) ty very much guys

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Sorry, it was on a time crunch so it’s a little bit messy, and it may have a bug or two, but here you go. Go to level two.

Thanks i really apprieciate it, i cant spell lol

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OMG THATS SO MUCH CODE LOL, here we go i guess

Lol, press the comment buttons. I try to help you through.
There are three sections: the attacks, the movement and the damage.