I need help making music for my game does this sound good

Flowlab Game Creator - Flamin farms

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I don’t hear anything

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but this really doesn’t sound good. if you want to make it yourself, I’d listen to simple video game soundtrack melodies and see if you can recreate something similar that you like. other than that, you kind of just need to know some basics of composition.
I like making music with bosca ceoil, it’s quite intuitive if you don’t have a good program that you like.
Don’t be discouraged by the not so nice words I said, tho. if you want to get better then keep on practicing, we all gotta start somewhere.

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i expected that i didn’t really think it sounded good at all but i wanted to see if i just have bad ears

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Baron i LOVE using bosca but im having a tough time making a tube that sounds chill and laid back my things only sound good for in danger senarios and horror games can you help me

as I said, listen to soundtracks you enjoy and see if you can inspire yourself from them. getting ideas from someone else’s work is how the world of art goes round.
I would say, you don’t need a harsh horn sound blaring over everything. keep it all simple and unambitious to start out, it’ll help you get acquainted little by little with music making.
here’s something I made with bosca ceoil not too long ago if you’d like to check it out (it’s a art timelapse I made but the music is smth I made too)