I need help (not flowlab related)

Please help me.
I have just started a youtube journey and I’m working on numerous projects at once. The guides have said choose one or two topics and keep it trending. I’m on mobile. What do You want to see on my youtube channel? Thanks.


Try doing the sort of gamedev combined with comedy that Dani does


Maybe flowlab tutorials. Gaming channels. (preferable Minecraft or trolling kids on Roblox, lol.)

So I’m only on mobile rn since I have no access to a pc, but I can do Minecraft. Tutorials or gameplays?

  • Minecraft tutorials
  • Minecraft let’s play
  • Smashy Road
  • Music
  • Other

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Would you want let’s plays of maps or survival?

Also @Greggo @MrMcMemerMan plz vote :slight_smile:

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I voted mc but considering you’re mobile maybe music would be better

What are the "other"s people want?

Man I thought people would want Smashy Road!
Also what do u think of meme videos?

@Caden9 @R0CK @edwardi what do u want to see for “other”?

flowlab tutorials with a style of humor like dani

That’s good to know, I’ll see if once I get a computer I can do that. Thanks

Im planning to do animation and gaming on my channel, aswell as flowlab things :3 Ill start posting once im 13

@meburningslime - Maybe make a video about behaviors. Like how they function and why game creators need them?

@R0CK like I said, I’ll definitely do that after I get a computer. Anything I can do now though? Thanks for the ideas btw guys

@meburningslime - Maybe I can help you with video editing. I just bought final cut pro and premiere pro.

Maybe, I hope so. However, I can’t use my email, (it’s kinda shared) and I have PowerDirector.

Oooooooh ok :smiley:

You couuuuld make that heavy is dead video tho…