I need help old friends

https://flowlab.io/game/view/1400806 my animations arent working for “Rowen health” in my game

is anyone there?

Hey @“XXD3G”, I finally found some time to assist you in your current problem. Looking at the behaviors of each of the characters’ health bars, Rowen’s health seems to be missing some of the logic that the other health bars have. This COULD the the reason why.
Also, the logic of each of these health bars are a bit complex, requiring loads of animations just to work. I would suggest making a single animation showing the various health stages of the bar, excluding the “Down” and “X” stages. Then, to lower the health or increase it, a number corresponding to a frame of the animation will go into the “go to” input to go to that frame.

http://forum.flowlab.io/profile/GalaxianGames could u give and example?

@GalaxianGames thanks! but the problem was after the mailbox, i put it in the plus sign XD, and could u help with one more thign plz?

What’s the other problem?

its right above your comment @GalaxianGames

The mailbox problem? Or the example?

sry wrong discussion, but its nothing wrong, and could u help me with the other discussion i posted?

http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/9420/could-i-get-some-help#latest @GalaxianGames