I need help on fixing a bug

My friends are playing my game and they figured how how to “double jump” accept when they do it, they just beat the level in seconds, so im trying to figure out how to fix that bug. Can anyone help?

When the character jumps, it needs to turn off the jump until reactivated by a ray cast. The ray cast will be pointed groundward and will activate only when it hits the floor object. This activation will turn on the jump again.

If you need clarification, use a switch to turn it off and on.


Some how that still doesnt work. If you want me to i can send you a link to the game im working on and you could help me out from there, heres the link

Just go into the behaviors on the player, then open up the walk bundle and the jump part should be on the bottom

Wait never mind i figured it out, thank you for your help though :slight_smile:

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Actually no what i did does not work i still need help lol sorry

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You would use a raycast for each new block your character stands on. Direct each raycast 90 degrees and make it 15 in length.
Also, I think the ‘W’ key feels more comfortable than the ‘space’ key.

Ok thank you very much

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shoot somethings messed up, i did it like you did accept i cant add one thing, the connecter between the off part of the switch and the out part in the switch dont connect

I suggest only using one raycast pointing down, and having the miss output turn the switch off as well as the output of the switch

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Oh yeah for that you need grab the wire from the out, and then go to the off

ok so i got those but it still has a double jump, idk whats wrong

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Maybe make the raycast shorter? Let me have a look

it’s not attached at all

Set it up like this, and make the raycast be 13 long instead of 15

Oh, and you need to set up a parent for the objects that player can jump on, so make a new object and call it “floor parent” or something, then go to all the objects you want the player to be able to jump on and set their parent to be the floor parent


Then set the raycast to the floor parent object too

well shoot, because he walks on many floor parents :confused:

What? You only need one floor parent.

so which one do i do?

Did you not understand what I said? Make a new object, call it “floor parent”. Then go to the different blocks and set their parent to be “floor parent”.

That’s all you need to do

for example, you go to Bricks, you set it’s parent to be floor parent, then you go to New Type 18 (I suggest giving it an actual name) and you change it’s parent to floor parent, and so on for the other objects that you want the player to be able to walk on