I need help ..... please help

i need help on a new game and what im asking is give me some ideas

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a puzzle platformer
also, welcome to flowlab!

btw im not new i just joined the community


i joined like 5 months ago

I have an idea:

Have 2-4 (+) blocks laid out. The player can click on these blocks to control one at a time. These blocks will be different colors, and can only properly interact with objects (buttons, switches, locks) with the same color. The goal is for all for blocks to meet up in a “neutral area” to beat the level(s).

So a puzzle+maze+maybe multiplayer game.

I like the maze idea. How about a music/rhythm game? Or maybe a side-scrolling or rail shooter?


Rail Shooter Maybe?


Something like “just shapes and beats” or “project arrhythmia” would be nice

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Clicker? Though, I may just use my auto clicker to completely break it

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Alright, music aside.

In my opinion having a game like https://flowlab.io/game/play/1533566 but better graphics
and a story is about a person who doesn’t know what they are going for but they were bored and wanted a adventure, BUT there’s actually something at the end of their adventure, like a old temple containing something, or a very weird and mysterious structure with writings that hint to a mysterious object, or something like that.
Then make your nice ending.

*Btw that would be a puzzle platformer, but I just wrote a idea for one.

ok thx i but i found my idea

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Nice, but if you don’t mind me asking, what is it?

its a horror game /puzzle i have my someone sending me a demo and i can give you a sneek peek if u want

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Yas please

ok it might be a bit

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