I need help with a game I'm making

I’m making a game on an engine called Construct 2 called “CurseBound” and I need someone to draw (Pixel or regular) 1. The character 2. The title screen. Whoever gives me that rather two or one person will have there name in then beginning and end of my game.

I will give concept art once applied. (I don’t want to give away to much information before my trailer gets posted on Flowlab) I will put my trailer and Actual game on Dev log when i’m done.

My deepest gratitude whoever does this!

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u still doing this? I only dug it up btw cus im bored.

If its a month or older, I would recommend not digging it up, cause its probably abandoned. Tbh I haven’t seen Scrap_studios in a while so I don’t think they’re working on anything.

Oh okk lol. I mean ive only been here for like 6 days!

Sorry it abandoned but you can still help me with my new project

long time no see @ScrapStudios


I havent been here long enough lol :cry: