I need help with Inventory...

So i am starting a Demo for a game i want to make and i need help creating a system where i can take and store and object and maybe use it. it is probably really simile but i need help if anyone would show me. here is the game in question. http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1231204

For this Inventory system, do you want to hold a limited number of objects or just saying you have it?
And do you want the Inventory to go across levels?

If so, I recommend using Saves for what object goes in each slot OR to say that you do have that item. If its only for items on that level, you could make a system with mailboxes to solve that level instead of Saves.

If you don’t know much about saves, I would look at some of my examples that uses Saves;
Shops: http://flowlab.io/game/play/1202461
Checkpoint: http://flowlab.io/game/play/1186464

yes,i would like to have an inventory where i collide with an object and it is stored within the inventory and i can use it. the coin example was alright. i just want to be able to atleast store three items. do u have any examples for that?

Here’s something I just threw together

You are a godsent thank you so much that is so good! and very helpful

i actally have a small question. i am having problems with the display key. whenever i collide with the key it does not show up in the inventory, is it me not doing something right?

It seems to work for me, is it still happening?

no i figured it out i had soemthing plugged in incorrectly, Thank you! say do u mind is i ask something elts?


is it possible to create and sword and shield system in flowlab. i want to make the player a sword mechanic that allows him to attack and maybe a shield of some sort?

Definitely, though there are many different ways on doing it

please do explain i would really like to know.


Grazer has an example of a sword thing. Just go in “help”, click “helpful examples”, and scroll down until you get to “sword example.” Then, click sword example, an see the coding for it.

For shield, you could use a keyboard block linked to an attach block, make a new sprite that is bigger than the character, and whallah! I found this out while designing gun in my game and it was protecting me.