i need help with my game

game link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1400806

  1. i want it so that when the player opens a gate, it destroys all of them instead on the one you went into collision with.
  2. i want it so that when the players get to a certain health, if your down (like in left 4 dead or call of duty zombies) the cpus can revive you and when their down you can revive them.
  1. Put the alert in the player, not the gate!


  1. If an allies down, use a proximity in the ally and the player and use a message.

Thanks! ill try it soon.

@“JR 01” but im having trouble with the down thing, when the players get down, i want it so that they cant move until someone picks them up.

plus, what you told me to put down didn’t work, it doesn’t destroy any gates, and when the gates are destroyed, ALL of that object are destroyed from the game, if that’s possible.

the filter isn’t connected and the message needs to be set to send to the “Admission Gate” in the player.

Thank you! ill try one more time.

Actually try this for the gate, the money is like -3000 when it happens:

And for the revive, try something that message to itself if its down and stop their movement like this:


Revive: (timer: 30)




You are such a big help @“JR 01”. i am grateful you are a part of flowlab!

@“JR 01” theres a problem with the revive thing, could you help me with it? the cpus cant revive the player and when you revive a player, their health bar restores but here’s the thing, you can hold down O any time and restore the health bar, i wanted it so that you couldn’t cheat like that.

if you don’t have time or something it’s fine @“JR 01”


could u guys maybe help me @Superstargames and @“Mushroom Productions” ?

I would, but unfortunately I am busy with something important.

@XXD3G Sorry I could only do problem 1, problem 2 would take me a long time to code and it wouldn’t be efficient. Here it is http://flowlab.io/html5/bin/1419195

You have the timer on repeat forever, just uncheck that and set it to 1.

okay ill try it

im so sorry if im bothering you too much, forgive me, but the cpus don’t revive the player when they get down.

The player is different, so try a switch more like a down indicator to revive the player.

(This Switch needs to be OFF) \|/

For the Cpu’s to come close to the player, Adding to the follow movement shouldn’t be too much.
Just send a New message the the closes CPU to come to the player. You may get a better idea if you made the movement system in the Cpu’s.