I need help with my player! thx in advance

when i face right my bullet spawns at my bullet spawns at my feet. When I face left the bullet is good.
Can anyone help me fix this? if so that would be amazing and i could get on with the game!
my game so far … http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/188050 THX in advance for your help!!!
BTW I’ve been staying up all night trying to fix!

So the issue is this:

Your bullet object is offset (not centered in the sprite). When you rotate it to match the player’s direction (using match rotation in the bullet emitter), it is offset towards the bottom instead of the top.

The simplest fix would be to just open the bullet sprite and draw it towards the center. If this doesn’t give you the effect you need, let me know and I can come up with some other options.


ok this helped but didn’t entirely solve it it still comes out a little low but thx anyway!!

ok i have another question … how do i make a boss shoots bullets at my player directly? thx for all the help!!!

Honestly I’d just go with the Bowser or Eggman approach and just have the boss shoot at nothing, but in your general direction, so you have to jump over shots. However, if you’re really set on homing missiles or bullets, we have a tutorial for “follow” that we seem to have to post every week. Just scroll through the topics for one of the many “follow character” posts, and read about extractors, numbers, equations, and positions. If you’re on your computer, at the top right of the forums you will notice a search bar and a GO button above where you sign in or hit new discussion.
Search any word to see if we answered a question before, like “chase”, “shoot”, “health”, “jump”, things like that. You’d be surprised how often we answer the same questions. I feel we really need an FAQ section.

Actually, funny thing is there’s a follow topic right under this one. Like I said, asked every week.

ok thx alot

yea i was sorta talking about the eggman approach but thx for your advice and help what i really need help with is making the bullet go in the players direction so if you could help me i would be amazed because i have tried a lot lol well thx anyways and yea you do need a FAQ section

Well let’s see… Hm.
You’ll want to duplicate the X from the Fly in the example grazer made, but just not have it move, only flip or point at. Then it can use emitters to shoot on a timer. Give the bullet a forward velocity, so it shoots forward whatever direction the boss is facing. Remember to check the checkmark in the emitter for that, and see how that works. You could even make the boss randomly jump with a random and a timer, set the random cube 1-6 and have it set a number, and go in it too. Have that number go to a filter and make it “equal to 4”. Have that go to a number and impulse, so it will jump every time the dice rolls a 4. Set the timer for 5 instead of 10, or even less if you want it to jump more often. This way the boss doesn’t jump every second, so it adds a bit of interesting chance of jump to the battle.

ok and thx alot lol the boss is my crazy brother XD

XD, i did the fallow thing in temple explorer. FWI the proximity may have a limited range, but unlike the extractor you dont have to put a whole new set every different level


@grazer & @Mhx Ar
sorry to bother you again but i have a hard time following your instructions if you could it would be helpful if you created an example level for me to follow thank you for all the help you shall go in my credits!! ps… what do you think of the drawing of my brother that my other brother drew? lol he is the big boss at the last level so far!!

Like I said, copy the Fly behavior for X extractor, not the Y one though. http://flowlab.io/game/play/188859

ok then what? im sorry i just get confused easily do i put all this on the bullet or on the boss? i cant thank you enough i know it must be frustrating to help every one. level atm… http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/188050

Put this on the boss. Usually what I do is have the X extractor always on the player, and sending a message to the boss, so the boss has a mailbox and a number, then a filter. If the number is less than 0 it flips back, if greater than 0 it flips normally. Then it always faces the player.

ok but what if the boss is tall and the bullet dosent even reach the player? sorry if i sound mean or sarcastic or anything lol im just cranky been up all day trying to figure this out

If the bullet is being shot too high? How about this, on the bullet, instead of it having an always number velocity, have it have an on off switch that the always goes in to, then have a timer turn it on. This will make the bullet fall a little before shooting forward.

ok thx ill try it
well see what happens the boss is really tall so