I need help with optimization

My game is getting rather large now… And it seems to be causing loading times from one area to another of over 30 seconds! I need help to lower that number and if somebody does a good job helping me, I will offer a full copy of my game before release with some extra content! Here is the average size of my in game map, and there are about 8 maps so far!
Screenshot 2020-09-29 143051|690x341

What I do is I make different areas that are smaller, so instead of having to load ALL of that it load a little bit at a time

yeah, I thought about that too… But it ruined the open world feel when I tried. Would anybody be willing to help make the blocks spawn by proximity? Would that help the loading times at all?

Here is my game if you want to try it out for yourself… Just look at the loading times!