I need help with putting an animation on the background layer of my game.

I wanted to have the grass blowing in the win din the background of my level. I’m not sure how to though. Could anybody help?

Well, one way I do it is actually do this is actually make it a game world object, just make it not solid. This way, it is in the background, and you can apply an animation to it. Good luck @23hwilliams ! Hope this helps!

you can also make it a bottom layer in the game world by making everything else a 2 in properties at the bottom of where you set movable.

Yeah, you can do that as well. In fact, if you do what I said, you need to do that as well, so the background is behind you instead of in front of you.

Thanks. Also, I’m having an issue with items in the background layer. They smehow have invisible hitboxes and there are even some where there isnt a block. heres the link to my game https://flowlab.io/game/view/1117265

pls take a look and see if you know how to fix it.

I didn’t experience that @23hwilliams . Maybe refresh the game?