I need help with some old concepts

Hey, could I have some help in Raytracing, Ragdolls and 3D Simulation? I just need a couple examples, and I’ll most likely have questions if you could be kind enough to answer them. Thanks!
@JR_01 @grazer @johnpost


Anybody…? I thought @JR_01 made an example a while back… Any links?


Four people have noticed this yet nobody knows how to do it lol.

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I can’t even make a simple 3 dimensional looking cube just through pixel art, lol.

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Bro, even I can do that :rofl:

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Sooooo… We’re stuck until Grazer or Jr notices us.

Lovely :rofl:

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When you say 3D Simulation, do you mean something like this, or something else?


Yes!!! I’ll see if I can replicate that on my game. Thanks!
(Oh, and also, how do you make the rays visible?

Hey @MetaNinja could you help out please…?
The only way I’ll understand all this is if I make it myself, so I’m just learning the essential concepts I can see from this. What do I need to copy, and what do I need to change/fix?

Oh my…
I just looked in the messenger behavior…

Honestly, I myself do not understand the logic behind the 3D Simulation. This example belongs to @JR01, after all. So I think that if you ask him, you’ll get a better answer.

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I did… Many times… He never responded…

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So I am stuck to kill myself with Raytracing

Seems he last posted 11 hours ago, and was last seen 9 hours ago. Maybe tomorrow he’ll show up to answer your question.

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I’ve been asking for 2 days

Welp… So much for sleep…

@MetaNinja do you have any ideas on simulations for this? Something half-raytrace or something similar to Raytracing but actually comprehendable.

No, I am pretty sure that raytracing or raycasting is the best way to make this 3D Simulation. They’re precise and accurate, and they can stop at the first object they hit, even if it is not the intended target. That way, you won’t see things poking out of a wall, or something similar to that. However, if you look at this post by @JR01, then you’ll notice that there is another concept he has been working on when it comes to 3D Simulations that doesn’t seem to require raycasting. But then again, we’ll have to wait and see if he is willing to share it at this time. He says he may have more time to work on it during the Summer… and that is about 2 or 3 months away (if you live in the northern hemisphere).

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me when i look in the code for the notes and waves cube