I need help with something

how do I paste some thing in behavior after I copy

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behavior of a block if you know what I mean.

Go into the behavior’s part of an object. Then click on the air. There will be a button called import. Click on it and it will give you a place to type in. Then do paste the code and click import.

hm let me see if it will work

it worked thank you for that

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Hey deadly smile
Want to play mincraft

This is a help request.

If you want to speak to Deadly Smile, please either make a Community Lounge topic, or use the OTC.


I don’t know how to though I don’t know a lot about this

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The link in my post is to the OTC. If you wish to speak off-topic, click on the link. You can post there.

Ok thank you though for your help

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Why ask that so randomly?

Because i wanted to know

If you wanted to play i will tell darksoldier that if you want to

Please move this discussion to the OTC, as it is off topic.

Ok i will do otc if tou want