I need help with this

I’m trying to make a menu where you choose the towers you want in the level, But I’m not sure how to make the specific operator go the the spot. (for reference this is basically the same thing that’s in pvz). This will start on 4-1.
Here’s my game- https://flowlab.io/game/play/1116489

Try making it like slots that = a save

Pick a tower, = slot 1
Pick another tower, = slot 2

When you have a save for each slot, you can load them into the level as well.

Can i get an example of this. or more detail for my specific scenario

Just made it, here’s an example of a Slot Selection.

Selection Slots Example:

Thanks a ton

Wait, I tried it, and the slots don’t change, it’s always the first one (use 4-1) I’m not sure what’s going wrong.

In my example or your game?

In my game, I copied your example, and now it doesn’t work like yours did. it doesn’t seem to activate the (next slot) global transmitter.

Well each character has to have there own Global that also goes into the controller too.

If you look at my example, I used Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, and Ch5.
This is in the controller and in the items (individually).

You have just “Tower 1” in the objects and “Slot 1” in the controller.
They both need to be named the same like Tower1, Tower2, etc

That’s annoying considering was going to create a-lot more towers, but now it says there’s an infinite loop.

Its a little tedious but thats how it know which tower to use. You need a Global for every slots, and for every tower.

It’s an endless loop because you named all the Towers “Slot 1-10” in your “Select” bundle,
and those names are already used in “slots” bundle.

Name all the Globals in the “Select” Bundle “Tower1-10”.
And in the “Slots” bundle, leave them named “Slots1-10”.

Another problem is that you have 2 controller objects in the level, make sure you only have 1.
Also you need to make the object NOT paused. Do this by getting the pause behavior and selecting “Do not pause this object”.