I need ideas for a game

I want to make an arcade game. Just unload all your ideas.

classic minigames would be good for an arcade theme :crossed_fingers:


just make pac-man :^)

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Literally what I’m doing lol

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____shrek platformer


No, don’t make a knock off game, it’s overrated.

BUT, you should TOTALLY make a RPG based around life experiences and imagination.


I’m looking to do an arcade game, tho. I could make an RPG any time, but I want to challenge myself.



An RPG would be the biggest challenge, it would make flowlab history and DESTROY MY COMPUTER.

Sir, you’ve mistaken an rpg if you think you can do it any time.

An arcade game is a LOT easier than an rpg. I can tell you that right now.

Arcade games have no lore, and take a few minutes to play.

An RPG takes 1000+ hours for a user to beat lol

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But I’ve never made a arcade game. Once I’m done with this one, I might do an RPG, lol.

You’ve never done an rpg either…


I attempted one, but never actually got anywhere, lol.
I gave up after trying to figure out an inventory system, lol.

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I have a LOT of attempts with an rpg.

Always quit after losing inspiration or my computer threatens to blow up.


Here’s a start. Not super good, but it’s a start.

@DinoDev @ManiacPumpkin

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What’s the main sprite? A space ship?

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Yea. I suck to the maximum degree at making spaceships. :roll_eyes:


Good god, though. It took a while to make all the code right.


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