I need if it looks good

Okay, so, I made a glow in the dark kinda thing and I need to know if its bad and doesn’t fit the style or if I should tweak it so it looks better

it looks SO much better with the lights. Keep it how it is!!

hmmm, I darkened it alittle, does it still look good? or better

yeah it looks better now

I think I;m going to add glow vines and fireflies to add more ambience in the second level, but my objects are running out :sob:

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Like, free account limits

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you could get rid of a bunch of blocks and just use one block, and then use animations to change it to different blocks depending on the level. Take my game for example, look in the “ground” object. It has over 10 ground sprites, just in animations.

glow=too much?

glow = good

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What does the blend behavior do exactly

I think it makes it slightly transparent and blends the surrounding place with itself

its good for making lights

I might have to mess with it