I need mechanic ideas

So, im making like a Grid Game.
Flowlab Game Creator - New Game and i cannot think of another things to add.


Add a goal/exit door for your level :slight_smile:

oke DA 20 LETTERS!!!

you can bypass the letter requirement by copying and pasting your games embed link

Like this

Or just anything within < mfumeuwigmiuegmfe > without the spaces.


I was about to say that

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Ok sorry for this getting off topic, I feel like you should have some levers that you have to interact with, like 2 or more levers. Once you pull them all a
gate, door, or just an area in general will be open for you to progress.

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You could make the game similar to Superhot when ever you move, enemies move as well so you could have a two block range attack while the enemies have one, so if they get too close you take damage, while also having a somewhat advantage.

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That sounds super hot

*Laughs furiously

Have you ever played or seen the game before? “Superhot is an FPS game where time only moves when you move.”


Uh… You didn’t have to copy the sprites of the example

I suggest using an ease on the camera so it’s not so jumpy.

What exactly does the ease behavior do, heard about it but never actually used it before

It as a to and from input where you can use it to transition between two different numbers.
Such as having a 0 going into the to and a 100 going into the from. If you have the ease plugged into an alpha behavior it will turn the object from 0 slowly into 100 depending on the duration you have set on the ease behavior. Which this is just an example, I mostly use it for alpha transparencies, but you could use it for movement or whatever needs a gradually transitions between two separate numbers.

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So you could use it for a running mechanic like from a slow walk into a run?

Also, i cannot make a collision -_- because its a Background and even in the Game World, and i tried making enemies shoot before., Shot the other way.

add a turn limit like,you can only move so many times so you would have to realy think about where to move and if you should move there.