I need more abilitys

Ok so ive been doing ghis for about 5 years and i need to ask for something and i hope it happens so ive been on flowlab for 3 years and ive been making games but i feel really cramped with a 5 level limit and a 3 game limit i just wish yoj guys game us a bit more leeway becuase for those on us withiout a job and paraents not willing to pay for this i also hope you guys release a app for this so we dont have to go to the internet because what if the internet goes out or for the wired internet users power you can solve this with the app so people dont have to wait for minutes or possibly hours i mean this is just a thought

Typically, the free account is for those who want try the software to see if its worth buying. While I personally think the amount of objects should be buffed to 75 or something, and maybe the amount of levels doubled, free accounts and sometimes paid accounts cost Grazer some of his revenue he gets from this site when they make games. If it werent for those who paid, this site mightve been gone a long time ago.

As far as offline editing goes, I doubt we could do this, as people might crack the app and use the software at full capacity for free.

Hey @"Frost " - thanks for the feedback. I’m happy that you’ve been using and enjoying Flowlab. I understand that the subscription fee isn’t easy for everyone to come by.

There won’t be a standalone version any time soon - the servers are a large part of the system, so building that functionality into an app would be a major undertaking.

@CrimsonBlackGames is also right that there is no way the site would still be around if it weren’t for the subscribers that keep things running, so huge thanks to you guys :slight_smile: