I need some game ideas

This will be my last post [ topic ], for a while because I have been posting a lot.

I’m wanting to make something but I don’t know what I should make. Let me know in the replies. Thank you!

Here is a poll of some I’ve thought of.

  • Adventure
  • Parkour
  • Simulator
  • Other [ Reply with your idea ]

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75% Of you are currently voting Adventure.
50% Of you are currently voting Parkour.
25% Of you are currently voting Simulator.
0% Of you are currently voting Other.

I’ll check back on this poll in around an hour or so. See ya!

So, it’s been about an hour and the category “Adventure” won. Now, we must decide on a style and type.


  • Top-down [ E.x: Among Us ]
  • 2D-Platformer [ E.x: Mario ]
  • 2D-Side-Scroller [E.x: Mario-ish ]

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Okay, now the style

  • Low-Bit [ E.x: Tetris ]
  • H-Quality [ E.x: Among Us ]
  • Other [ Add your suggestion by replying to this post! ]

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I’ll come back In another hour or so. See you later, guys!

Ok, The style “Low-Bit [ E.x: Tetris ]” won.
Although, the type is at a 50/50 tie. So let’s break it with one more poll.
I will check back in a bit.

  • 2D-Platformer[ E.x: Mario ]
  • Top-Down [ E.x: Among Us ]

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30 More minutes before the poll closes

Ok it’s been like 5 minutes

Ok, it will be a top down game.