I need some help with shadows

So, in my game The Facility, I want to have shadow sprites that cover the whole map, but only alpha to zero when come within proximity of the player and also when you look through a doorway, it don’t show the whole room, just what you can see through the door. I am in need of a design similar to @Agent_Y but not a multiplayer based shade. I need something for single player and if anyone can help me, I can reserve a spot in the credits for your name (since I like crediting all those who help me)

Let me explain what type of shade I need, my game is a ten x ten screen so I want a perimeter of around at least nine, but I also want it so the circular perimeter don’t pass through walls so you can only see the room your currently in, but if you are in a hallway or long room, you are limited by the nine block radius around the player. I also want a nice transition between the different shades of black so its not like Minecraft Beta graphics. I know this seems like a lot, but my brain isn’t big enough to solve this out.

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this is for reflections, but it works the same kinda way (I’ve made shadows using this before)

Okay, thanks. I used a similar concept, but I finally got it to work, although i don’t know how to make it so you can only see another room by looking through a doorway, which only has a sliver of visibility, or by entering the room.

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Yeah umm one problem with that if you have a shaped room like and L looking room it wont work at all plus how is it spouse to go through out the entire map without hitting things BRO

I mean, a single player version of the shading I made would be even simpler than what I explaining my post

@Agent_Y sorry, i probably should’ve clarified what I wanted a little better when i was talking about the shading.