I need some more help with leaderboards and achivements

So i have this leaderboard in my game, and i want to put it on itch.io or microsoft shop. But i am afraid that if somebody downloads it, will the leaderboard still update and show people who have played on flowlab. And will it update for the person playing my game not on flowlab, so they can see peoples scores from flowlab?

Or will the leaderboard just not update.

For leaderboards to work, it will ask whoever is playing to log into Flowlab.
If they don’t have a Flowlab account, their score will not be saved into the leaderboard.

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So the leaderboard will update scores between flowlab and the other platforms?

Without me having to update the game over and over and over

Yeah, as long as they create a flowlab account when it tells them to.

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thanks for the information!

by the way do you want to try the game? heres the link:

you can do a few math questions in it if you want