I need to ask YOU something...

I’ve noticed that some games have a design in the background of their game screen, such as a forest in Awakening, and a blackened screen with other highlights in GalacticoS. I personally would like to apply this to my game. So, how do I do it?


you have an indie account…right

(I thought you meant the background game objects)

You mean this?

It’s really cool, I really recommend it! Once you upgrade your account you will see this new button :smiley:

Honestly never saw this guys :pensive: I don’t have Indie, no @seamothmaster45 . Kind of sucks, since it looks cool. Sorry I haven’t been on, like, at all, but that’s why I don’t know @“JR 01” . And thank you for clearing it up @PixelPizza ! I will consider trying to get Indie. The reason why I haven’t been using this is that my laptop is so old it can’t handle the HTML5 as well as the Flash, which makes it also harder to test, so that would mean I’d only be paying for customizable game pages. If this came out earlier with the Flash (and knew about it), I would be using it, and also be updating games.

But anyways, thanks for letting me know!