I need to assemble a team!

Hello everyone! I have a huge announcement-

I’m making an RPG based on my test game: “Duo”
I am planning on making the fighting and menu mechanics similar to Deltarune.
In case you don’t know what my game- or “test” Duo is, heres a quick explanation:
Duo is a test about you, the player, controlling 2 other characters at the same time.
Both characters have a different puzzle they need to solve, but you can’t control them one at a time.
Example: If you need to get the first npc to the key, then you will start moving them towards the key.
But as the first npc starts to move, the second npc moves with it.
So you have to make the first npc get to the key, while having the second npc do parkour.
(heres the link:)

This is such a big project I wish to achieve, so I need help assembling a team to get the job done.

  1. a puzzle maker – i need someone with lots of experience making puzzles both in-game, but also puzzles about lore. (kinda like arg-style puzzles.)

  2. a designer – i need a designer who has lots of experience in pixel-art. (I am very bad with pixel-art.)

  3. a very experienced group of coders (2 or 3 coders max) – I will be doing lots of coding too, but I would appreciate if we had some more coders to help get the job done faster. (also sometimes i have no idea how to code what i need in the game, so i need some help with that lol)

  4. musical producer (not required) – I would love it if I could have some help making the soundtrack. The reason i made this not required for the team is because I’m totally fine with doing it myself, but also because i need someone with Logic Pro X to help compose the music, which I doubt ill find anybody with it because its very specific and very, very expensive.

DM me if you want to be part of the team! Once we have everyone I will assemble a group chat in discord where we can get to work on the game. Thank you so much!

(Discord is required)


I wish I could help, but my schedule is full at the moment. I wish you the best of luck!

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!


I could join as a coder probably, I also have little experience with pixel art. the only problem is it wouldn’t be my top priority as I’m still in school


alrighty! ill list you as coder.

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do you have discord?


As you already know- I’m already part of the team :slight_smile:

yes, PurpleHatsOnCats#8962

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alright, ill list you as coder!


sent you a friend rq on discord!