I need to learn about flowlab a little

hai i made a new discussion so. i need some basic stuff like spawning sprites when clicked playing with moves and I need more features btw i need updates to help me learn about flowlab so i am gonna be here for 1 day to countinue making games so please comment and then i will be there tommorow :smiley: if i have time

oh yeah also thanks for the guy who helped me countinue five nights at freddy’s i aprricate him to be poplaur game maker :smiley:

what do u need help with

i need help with everything on flowlab so i can be pro at making games and stuff you know. if your pro just tell me anything i can do and try to learn it better :smiley:

Well- flow lab does have a tutorial-

There’s also a page that lists all the behaviors and what they do.

@spaceman games Try going to the behavior bundles section,it can really help with players and enemies.