I need to make an Inventory System like the Pip-Boy!


Pauses the game, but still works within itself, checks the player’s health, keeps track of what they’ve picked up, and the perks they’ve picked out during their journey.
Within itself, this is one of the most complicated things I’m going to have to make.

Time for an intricate Save behavior system

Oh dear

the game is decent, just no storyline

@sab00031 yeah, but if you go right and go to the trader, you can see the start of a storyline.

i couldn’t find him in creator

Oh, do you mean by searching the game? It’s hidden. Once it’s in a playable state, then it will come out.

could you post a link to the game you’re trying to make it for?


Maybe, when you go on the pip-boy, you could use the save behaviour, then go on to a different level which acts like the pip-boy! You would still need a REAL intricate save system that might be even more complex than HAKK3R!

Probably not, cause I know absolutely NOTHING about how to use the save behaviour.

The save behavior will definitely have to be used, but due to the fact that there are already hundreds of collectable items in the game, I need something more compact, if possible.